Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette

On today’s menu is one classic in makeup world, the Urban Decay’s Naked palette. And from the very start of this post I must say – this palette is everything! It is such a fine mix of neutral shades, but with certain diversity in terms of finishes. Nice balance of warm and cool tones that could satisfy everyone’s appetite for skin similar colors. I’ve been wanting her since forever. First the price was rejecting me, than there were other palettes trying to mimic this one, and at the end I’ve bought her, and it is continuous love ever since.  

Naked palette, unofficially called Naked 1, comes in a nice sturdy  box with the motive of crushed eyeshadows on the top. Inside of the box is classy brown velour that feels so soft and sophisticated in hands. Palette is made of firm carton with a magnetic closure. The mirror is smaller than it’s popular nowadays, and below it is a naked logo. Shadows in a pan look so seducing, and the two-sided brush is also very sleek and usable. I really don’t get why people complain about the brush. How they were using makeup when brushes weren’t so overly affordable and reachable? This one in Naked palette decently does her job.

Now I am aware that you all know what colors this palette includes, but I will share my descriptions anyway. There is twelve eyeshadows that are mostly shimmery, except two that have matte finish, and one is satin. Going from left to right there are:
  • Virgin – pale nude beige, with a bit of pink undertone, satin finish. This one in particular is very similar to my skin tone, so it can’t be seen in all of its glory, but is still very beautiful and can compliment darker complexions.
  • Sin – frosty light pink champagne. Sparkly and with a bit larger grains.
  • Naked – matte soft darker beige, very in accordance with its name.
  • Sidecar – shimmery, almost foiled brown with hints of copper inside.
  • Buck – matte medium beige-brown, darker than the shade naked with high color payoff.
  • Half baked - it is a beautiful shimmery golden with metallic finish.
  • Smog – shimmery brown bronzy color, finely milled.
  • Darkhorse – real brown, more of a matte finish with tiny golden particles. It is definitely different finish than the shimmery ones described before.
  • Toasted – one more with a metallic finish, deep pinkish brown, very similar in texture with shade smog.
  • Hustle – even deeper version of toasted, like mixture of plum and brown, with soft shimmer.
  • Creep – black matte with silver shimmer, very suitable for smokey eye look but with not so good quality. It is a bit chalky and swatches unevenly.
  • Gunmetal – is a dark gray with blue undertone, and silver shimmer, nicely pigmented.

What is in common for all shades is their amazing pigmentation. They are so rich in pigments; they blend easily and have nice and soft texture. There is also lot of fall out so you should be careful when working with them, but in general my impressions are way positive. There is no perfect palette on the market, and this one is very close to perfection. With a reason it has a cult status and I am happy having her in my collection. It can be used for appropriate day looks, and the looks suitable for night time, as well. I highly recommend her.

At the very end of this post I would just want to remind girls not to buy fake Urban Decay palettes. Instead of buying something made under suspicious conditions somewhere in China, that can really harm your skin, better choose Iconic palette from Makeup Revolution or any other "on budget" brand.

What is your experience with Naked palettes and do you like neutral tones?


  1. UD nam stigaooo u Seforu, zamisli radosti! :D Imam MUR 1,2 i 3 tako da ću se odlučiti za UD Ultimate Naked Basics kad bude vreme (kad se još malo izdovoljim TF Natural Matte. Odlična recenzija, kao i fotke (standardno :)) <3

    1. Hvala na lepim recima! :* Znam da je stigao, ne znam kolike su cene, nadam se da nisu preterali u odnosu na evropske. Ja sam za sad zadovoljna, mislim da necu u skorije vreme kupovati nista. Za Ultimate Basics su recenzije podeljene, paleta prelepo izgleda, ali jos nisam sigurna da li je zelim. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Jeste jeste! Meni su sve UD palete lepe, ali ovu sam bas jako zelela, i mislim da je treba imati u kolekciji, pre nego naked 2 ili 3. Opet, stvar ukusa :)